31 Feelings Only Convent School Girls Understand


1. Every morning you dreamed of wearing makeup or revamping your uniform…

2. Even when you knew you’d be ripped to shreds by the sisters during the morning assembly’s routine uniform check.

3. You looked your cute self till you were in the vicinity of the “brother” school…

4. And once you were inside your building, you didn’t give shit anymore because there’s no(boy)dy to worry about.

5. So much so that you didn’t think twice before openly flinging sanitary napkins across the classroom.

6. You always used periods as an excuse to skip your PT classes…

7. But you ended up running an extra round because your PT teacher is a woman too.

8. During every assembly you’d wonder why you had to sit on floor when your school could afford comfy chairs…

9. Or why it was compulsory to carry hymn books to the assembly when you had been singing the same hymns all your life.

10. In fact, “Our Father In Heaven” is so deeply entrenched that you chant it more than your own religion’s prayers.

11. And this is another thing that never goes away:

12. For some odd reason, people presume you’re sophisticated and well-mannered.

14. Truth is, you spent half the day finding ways to stuff food into your mouth without getting caught.

15. And did I mention how kids from other schools instantly thought you were an entitled bitch because you spoke perfect English?

16. Your language skills were superior mainly because you got fined if you didn’t speak in English.

17. You had more Value Education classes than Sex Education.

18. And this is why you knew at least one girl in your class who thought kissing could get her pregnant.

19. Your zero periods were spent mostly educating each other about the human anatomy that you learned from secretly watching porn.

20. The only time your teachers dragged you to interact with your opposite sex was during social dances with the “brother” school.

21. And that was also the time where, instead of winning hearts, you were acting like a perfectly awkward potato.

22. You constantly drooled whenever you smelled delicious food cooking inside the nun’s compound.

23. You had always wanted to peep under a nun’s habit to check out their hairstyle, but never dared to because you were afraid of this:

24. During exams you made sure to visit your local cathedral twice — usually before and after you screwed up your exams.

26. Whenever you saw a tomboy girl and a “girly girl” together, you assumed them to be couple because you were a massive idiot.

27. News of the male species visiting school for an inter-school competition spread faster than speed of light itself.

28. You were always more excited for Christmas than any other Indian festivals because that meant a long vacation.

29. You dressed yourself as a Santa, Joseph, or Jesus during school plays at least once.

30. The idea of running away from this jail a.k.a school crossed your mind way too many times.

31. But when you did leave it for good, you missed the place you called your second home.


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