Laksshya Kapoor And Taimur Ali Khan Meet Once A Month For A Playdate, Says Tusshar Kapoor


Laksshya Kapoor And Taimur Ali Khan Meet Once A Month For A Playdate, Says Tusshar Kapoor

Tusshar Kapoor, who is the father to his one-year-old son Laksshya Kapoor, had recently shared an incredibly cute picture on Instagram where his son, Taimur Ali Khan, and another toddler friend seem engaged staring at something. He captioned the picture: “Three’s company! #kidzoned #playdate #nurseyrhymes #thewheelsonthebus #johnyjohnyyespapa”

During a media interaction today, Tusshar was asked about the cute playdate, to which he said, “I’m the only father. There is Bebo and a common friend of ours Rina. I’m the only father with all the moms. Once a month we have those playdates. The kids don’t even know the other kids. At this age they just like to play alongside other kids. The actual age for names, memory, the sharing of toys, wanting to be with certain friends and not others, that comes later, at the age of 3-4. But right now as long as they have toys to play with and other kids, it’s fine.”

Tusshar’s son, who turned one this year, has been an important piece in the puzzle for Tusshar. When he was asked how the past year with Lakhsshya was, he said, “Yeah I am very ecstatic. Time really flew by. I have lived the journey that he has gone through and have enjoyed all the milestones. I have seen every change and movement of his and it has been a thoroughly enjoyable journey.”

Being a single parent Tusshar has never known how it is to share responsibilities. He said, “I don’t know what it is to be sharing the responsibility because I am doing everything myself. To me, it all feels normal and it is a part of the process. Not at all a burden because I enjoyed every bit of it. I guess I am cut for it. I did it at the right time since I always wanted to have a child. I was mentally prepared for it. I have not married so I don’t know what it is like… But I don’t miss it or else I would have left a  lot of responsibilities on my wife and then I wouldn’t be able to enjoy what I am doing now. I am happy with the way I have made my own family. It has been a great journey.”


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