Interesting modak types – Food & Recipes


Interesting modak types – Food & Recipes

Bappa is finally here and the `Modakapriya’ deity has built up a real appetite. With his arrival comes the change to indulge in his most favourite delight in all the wonderful flavours, preparations and sizes it comes in.

Synonymous with the nine `dharis’ or folds of the rice dough coming together to make divine modak offerings to Ganesh, here are nine interesting varieties of modaks you could celebrate this season with.

– Mango modak

It may not be the mango season, but the King of fruits makes for an interesting flavour for modaks. Made from a rich mixture of sugar, mawa and pure mango pulp, the modaks are nothing but mangolicious indulgence. “The yellow colour of mango is considered auspicious for worshipping Ganesha. Besides pampering one’s tastebuds, these mango flavoured modaks will also please the Lord at my house,” said Pooja Salunke, a devotee.

– Ukadiche modak

No offering to Bappa is complete without a plate full of Ukadiche modak, the blissful traditional delicacy. Made of nine folds or dharis of hand-rolled rice flour, these dumplings are filled with a coconut- jaggery mixture, enhanced with the goodness of cardamom. These sweets taste divine when freshly steamed and topped with a dollop of desi ghee. Minakshi Adwant who has been treating Aurangabadi tastebuds to this version of Ganpati’s favourite treat for the past 12 years, said, “Ganesha loves coconut and jaggery, and filling the modak with this symbolizes purity. We prepare over 200 modaks on a daily basis during Ganeshotsav to meet the high demand.”

– Cranberry modak

If you fancy exotic fruits, this new variant is something to watch out for. Not only a treat for the taste buds, but also for the eyes, these cranberry flavoured modaks are made from fresh fruit compote. “We wanted something unique and new to offer during worship this time, and when we came across this interesting variant at Cannought Place, we knew it would make for an interesting offering,” said Deeptej Parmar, a devotee and self-confessed foodie.

– Modak bouquet

This year, move over the box-wrapped modaks and opt for a trendier gifting option. Chocolatiers across the city have tweeked the already famed chocolate bouquets with a touch of festive fervour by coming up with daintily wrapped modak bouquets, this season. Sangeeta Wanchu, a city chocolatier, said, “People visit their near and dear for Ganesh aarti, and these bouquets available in an array of 11 and 21 modaks are ideal for gifting.” According to her, though they contain white and dark chocolate modaks, these bouquets can also be customized as per need,in terms of flavour and decor.

– Sugar-free modak

Avoiding sweets during a festive occasion is difficult if not impossible. In a day and age when many choose to watch their calorie intake, the sugar-free modak variant comes as the perfect solution. The health-conscious ones won’t need to worry about missing out on any of the festive indulgences now. “With people becoming health conscious, we decided to make modaks with a sugar substitute as well. These are also ideal for those who have diabetes, who also can enjoy a modak or two,” said Mugdia, a sweet shop owner.

– Chocolate modak

Chocolate-lovers alert! City confectioners have been making Ganesha’s loved sweet in a form that just cannot be resisted. An absolute hit among youngsters, these are available in various flavours of chocolate, namely premium, choco-cocoa, nutty-choco and many more. Rohini Wapre, a housewife has ordered for chocolate modaks this Ganesh Chaturthi. She said, “My children love chocolates, and I’m sure Ganpati will love them too. I plan on surprising them with these modaks that will be a fresh change from the traditional variety.”

– Jumbo bhog modak

Ganesha’s voracious appetite for sweets is a known fact through the folklore and legends about him. A sweetshop in Mondha Naka also offers a gigantic modak weighing 1 kg that can be offered as bhog to the Lord. These modaks are a treasure trove of various flavours like strawberry, pistachio, gulkand, orange, mango and almond among others. “Many homes and mandals prefer offering a big modak as bhog to the Ganesh idol. We’ve sold over 80 such modaks till now and are expecting many more orders over the coming days,” said the shop owner.

– Talalele (fried) modak

Once you are done indulging in the ukadiche modak variant, head for some indulgence and forget about the calories for once. Usually made from rice flour with a coconut- jaggery filling, these pouches filled with goodness are deep fried to crisp perfection. “Besides being very delectable, the fried modaks also have a longer shelf life, which is why many devotees prefer making and buying this variant for the festival,” said Jyoti Kavar, a food entrepreneur from Osmanpura.

– Motichoor modak

This modak is another interesting option found selling like hot cakes at sweet shops in Gulmandi area. The most delectable and loved motichoor ladoos are now available in the shape of Ganpati’s favourite sweet. “We usually pick up khoya modaks for Ganesh Chaturthi, but when we discovered the motichoor version of the modak, we decided to opt for this new yet famed version. Besides, the motichoor modak also has a much longer shelf life as compared to the regular ones,” said Jyoti, a devotee.

By Harshvardhan Shahi and Muzammil Bari

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