To Resolve Rift In Judiciary, Bar Council To Meet Judges Tomorrow


To Resolve Rift In Judiciary, Bar Council To Meet Judges Tomorrow

New Delhi:  The unprecedented rift within the judges of the Supreme Court has earned the stiff disapproval of the Bar Council, the regulatory body for lawyers, which says it wants the matter to be resolved internally. The press conference called yesterday by four of the Supreme Court’s most senior judges to criticize the Chief Justice of India has “shaken up the system”, said its office bearers.

After a meeting this evening to decide the way forward, one of the key office bearers of the council said they have decided to apprise judges of sentiment of bar and resolve the matter “peacefully and quickly”.

“We just don’t want the dirty linen to be washed in public… Going to the cameras will weaken our system,” Manan Kumar Mishra, chairman of the Supreme Court Bar Association, had told NDTV.

The council has formed a seven-member team which would initially meet the other judges of the Supreme Court. At least half of the judges have agreed to a discussion, said Mr Mishra.  The team, he said, will follow it up with meetings with the four dissenting judges and finally the Chief Justice of India. The round of meetings will start from tomorrow.

Yesterday, four judges of the top court had met the media at the house of Justice J Chelameswar. Things were “not in order”, they said, with what they described as “the administration of the Supreme Court” and expressed concerns about the assignment of sensitive cases, which is done by the Chief Justice of India. Asked if they believed the Chief Justice should be impeached, they said, “Let the nation decide.”

Ahead of this evening’s meeting, sources in the Bar Council said the judges should have called a full court meeting and if the Chief Justice had been unable to address their concerns, they could have approached the President of India.


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