In Aarushi Talwar Case, Trial Court Acted Like ‘Film Director’, Say Judges


In Aarushi Talwar Case, Trial Court Acted Like ‘Film Director’, Say Judges

Nupur and Rajesh Talwar were cleared of the murder of their daughter Aarushi Talwar.

Allahabad:  Suspicion, however grave it may be, cannot take the place of proof, the Allahabad High Court said in its judgment on Thursday exonerating dentist couple Nupur and Rajesh Talwar of killing their teen daughter Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj in 2008. Chiding a trial court that convicted the couple in 2015 based on circumstantial evidence offered by the CBI, the High Court said it had acted like a “film director”.

“Like a film Director, the trial Judge has tried to thrust coherence amongst facts inalienably scattered here and there but not giving any coherence to the idea as to what in fact happened,” the court said in its detailed judgment in the case.

The Talwars were cleared of the murder by the Allahabad High Court yesterday, which stressed that it was giving them the benefit of the doubt. Aarushi, 13, was found dead in her bedroom; Hemraj was the main suspect till his body was found hours later on the roof of the Talwar home in Noida. The CBI has said it will study the verdict before deciding whether to appeal against the Talwars’ acquittal.

The judges today said that the CBI had been unable to prove the Talwars’ guilt. “There is no irresistible conclusion that accused did the murders,” they said.

The Talwars were in jail in Dasna in Uttar Pradesh when they were acquitted. A jail official said that they had been anxious this morning and were happy to hear of the verdict. Their family expects them to walk out of jail this evening.

The case was mishandled by the Noida police and after lapses that included reporters to trample all over the scene of the crime, it was transferred to the CBI.

The Talwars were arrested in 2013; in 2015, a court found them guilty and sentenced them to life in prison. The CBI wanted the death penalty.


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