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Curiosity will never kill this cat. It’s pretty chill, just hanging around, clipped to your bag. The ThinkGeek-exclusive Crescent Meown Bag Charm will be your helpful, steadfast companion wherever you go. This adorable kitty cat charm has a cat face shape on one side and a puff ball on the other, where you can see the kitty ears peeking up above the fur. The fluffy side is purr-fect for cleaning the screen of your phone or tablet when it gets too many paw prints on it. Cat-astrophe averted!
Made of faux leather and faux fur, with a metal clasp and charm, this feline friend can also be an ever-present fidget toy for restless kids and adults, and for those on the spectrum. Like many cats, this little black puff ball will claim you (and your bag) as its own. You can almost hear it meow and demand attention. But this one never needs to be fed, never makes messes, and won’t set off your allergies.

Product Specifications

  • Crescent Meown Bag Charm
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive
  • Black cat hangs out with you while on your bag
  • Perfect for use as a tablet or phone screen cleaner
  • For all cat lovers
  • And witches and wizards who need a familiar
  • Attaches to your bag with a lever clasp
  • Includes a metal circle charm
  • Materials: Faux fur, faux leather, and metal
  • Dimensions: Kitty face is approx. 3″ wide
  • Weight: 1 oz.

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