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Based on the extremely popular Fluxx series of games, Chemistry Fluxx adds atoms, molecules, and laboratory gear to its usual combination of chance and skill. When you start playing the game, there is no goal. There’s nothing you can do to win. But soon a goal will be played, and players will scramble to meet the requirements for it. But don’t get too focused on that first goal: the rules are always changing! Along the way, you’ll learn how elements combine to make molecules, such as Sodium and Chlorine combining to make table salt. Elements are listed with their atomic number and their Bohr electron model, and are color-coded by type of element (such as noble gases, alkaline earth metals, etc.).
Gameplay can be extremely short, if a goal comes out early and someone just happens to have the correct combination of cards to win. Or, it can be a much longer saga of constantly changing goals, devious actions, and scrambles by players to amass the (current) winning combination of cards. It’s ideal for mixed-age groups. The rules and goals of this game are always in flux, but you’ll catch a periodic break.
Product Specifications 

  • Chemistry Fluxx
  • For 2-6 players
  • Ages 8+
  • Play time: 5-30 minutes
  • Mechanic: Hand Management, Set Collection
  • Includes:
  • For chemistry nerds and fans of other Fluxx versions

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