technology: Indians prefer technology above food as perks at workplace: Adobe Research


technology: Indians prefer technology above food as perks at workplace: Adobe Research

MUMBAI: Half of office workers in India rate access to cutting-edge technology at the workplace above perks like food and slick office design, according to research by Adobe.

“The Future of Work: APAC Study” engaged almost 5,000 office workers from 10 countries across the region (including close to 700 respondents from India), and examined how the roles of people, experiences and machines are evolving and transforming workplaces.

The survey indicates that organizations investing in workplace technology are more likely to be successful in the market. The survey also found that 89 per cent of employees who rate their companies as above-average business performers also believe their companies are technology-focused (compared to 64 per cent for those who say their company is a below-average performer).

“In the current experience business era, smart organizations are realizing that outstanding customer experiences hinge on their ability to attract the best people. As a result, businesses today are strategically investing in workplace technologies to drive productivity and deliver a compelling experience for employees”, said Abdul Jaleel, Vice President, Employee Experience – India.

The survey found that technology is critical to enabling work-life balance for office workers across APAC and India. More than 87 per cent of office workers surveyed from India were based in major metropolitan cities, with population of more than 2 million. 59 per cent of office workers in India based in these major cities cite availability of job opportunities as a key factor behind for living there, followed by better of infrastructure facilities (48 per cent), lifestyle standards (45 per cent) and the presence of family or friends (43 per cent). At nearly 22 per cent, the high cost of living in India’s major cities was voted the least important factor in their decision to choose their work location.

“Rapid economic evolution and unprecedented growth opportunities have positioned India at centerstage of the disruption being created by digital technologies. On one hand, the workforce is seeing tremendous opportunities for career advancement, and on the other, facing challenges emerging from widespread urbanization across its major cities,” said Jaleel.


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